A friend introduced Michelle to Ashtanga Yoga while she was teaching English in South Korea in 2001. When Michelle started her Yoga practice, she thought of yoga purely as a physical workout. As her journey continued, she began letting go of her ego and competitive nature and became more in tune with what her body, mind and soul needed. She practices yoga now to keep herself strong yet nimble, to smile, to help calm her mind and as a reminder to stay present in this wonderful moment. Yoga has continued to guide Michelle through motherhood. With two young & spirited girls, her mat is a place where she can find peace and share it with them. She believes yoga can provide the balance we need in life to be kind, positive, patient and giving people. Leading a light-hearted Vinyasa Flow class blended with functional or somatic movement is what Michelle truly enjoys. She also holds a deep respect and value towards Restorative/Yin Yoga. She has taught a variety of students over the years from university athletes, beginners, children and people with specific mobility needs.