Kali Ledger

Kali Ledger is a counsellor specialising in relationship & personal development for individuals and couples. Kali focuses on improving the happiness of her clients and assists them in gaining a deeper understanding of their own inner workings. In 2015 Ajahn Prem Kali was ordained as a Spiritual Minister of the Vishrant Buddhist Society. This title meaning ‘teacher’ was bestowed in recognition of her time spent studying in the society and the development of skilful means in helping others to find peace and happiness. Kali’s counselling style is the culmination of 8 years of psychotherapy and awareness training. Drawing on various techniques including drama therapy, narrative therapy and inner child work, her approach is tailored to each individual. Kali’s background in dance and performance along with her interest and experience in healing the body and mind set the framework for her unique counselling sessions. Her areas of expertise include: * Fear and Anxiety * Low Self-esteem * Co-dependence * Grief and Loss * Youth counselling * Anger Issues * Childhood Trauma * Problems in relationships Kali strives to assist her clients to improve: * Happiness * Self-Acceptance * Creating Loving Relationships * Empowerment * Conflict Resolution * Mastering Communication Skills Kali’s life is centred around her friendships and serving others on their journey to finding heart, openness, maturity and inner stillness. Before studying to become a counsellor Kali completed her Graduate Diploma of Education in Secondary Dance & Drama at Edith Cowan University (2009) after finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Performance ECU (2008). She went on to complete a Post Graduate Residency with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (2010) and worked for the company touring and performing. Her career in dance and performance led Kali to find a passion for present moment awareness, self-expression and connections with what is real and alive for individuals. Kali teachers her own Dance for Health classes at Restful Waters.
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