Ariel Fyfe

Ariel holds a Diploma of Counselling, is a director of The Vishrant Buddhist Society and is also an ordained Minister. One of Ariel’s passions is to assist other people in developing their small businesses, so she meets with business owners each week to provide insight and guidance into how they can improve and ensure they are meeting all of their clients professionally and successfully. Ariel has been involved in group work and exploring the intricacies of psychology for over 9 years. In 2015, Ahjan Prem Ariel was ordained as a Spiritual Minister of the Vishrant Buddhist Society in recognition of her years of service and skilful means in assisting people in the community with their spiritual endeavours. The dynamics of group work are intriguing to her and through years of involvement in a psychotherapy group, Ariel has developed skills in dealing with people in multiple scenarios. As a counsellor, Ariel provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for her clients to explore their feelings, goals and needs. Empowering people and helping them to achieve what they would like is important to her. Ariel has experience in * Fear and Anxiety * Body Image Issues * Couples Counselling * Anger Issues * Workplace Stress * Low Self Esteem Issues * Grief and Loss * Acceptance With years of experience in groups involved in psychotherapy and being closely involved in her community, Ariel feels that everyone needs a helping hand at some point or to just know that someone is there and that they care. She is passionate about helping people, supporting her community and fostering a way of life that is uplifting to others. Meditation is very important to Ariel as a means of finding a cool, calm and relaxed place inside of herself and then being able to take that into her day.