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What is Vishrant Tai Chi?

Traditionally, Tai Chi was developed as a form of martial arts. However, today it is commonly practiced for its health benefits for both body and mind. When done correctly, the practice is very much a meditative experience. The flowing movements calm ones mind and body and are designed to generate qi, or life energy, leaving the practitioner feeling vitalised and grounded in the body.

When practicing Tai Chi, you can expect to find your mind slowing down significantly, often leading to states of silence and increased mental clarity. Vishrant Tai Chi has been specifically formulated to facilitate this aspect. Moving away from being a form of defence training, Vishrant Tai Chi is more of a meditative practice.

Vishrant, which translates to “restful” in Sanskrit, sums up this style of Tai Chi. It is all about facilitating inner relaxation.

It is a lot slower paced than other forms of Tai Chi, which encourages us to be more mindful and present to our bodies and less in our analytical minds.

The traditional philosophy of Tai Chi which is the concept of balance in finding both yin and yang in our day to day life. Also applying the Zen Buddhism disciplines, that of patience and skill – training the mind to be equanimous and the body to be relaxed.


Other Classes


Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient practice that involves controlled breathing, slow movement exercises and mindfulness. “Qi” is our vital life energy and “gong” can be translated to cultivation or mastery. Qi Gong practice is the intention to cultivate and transform/move our vital life energy or spirit. With continued practice, it is possible to feel the movement of energy in our bodies and with conscious awareness start to move that energy into different parts of the body. Where attention goes, energy flows. Directing our energy with awareness can help us to learn to become more grounded and balanced, feeling more settled and rested within our bodies. Suitable for beginners.


Tai Chi

There are many styles of Tai Chi, however, the principles are similar in all. Tai Chi practice cultivates the vital life energy (qi) within ourselves, to flow seamlessly and unobstructed throughout the body. The circulation of qi opens the meridians and energy channels through the body, promoting greater physical health and peace of mind. Tai Chi is composed of gentle sequences of movement, where you are guided into an active meditation to bring you into a calm, relaxed state of ambient awareness. Tai Chi is brilliant for integrating mind-body wellness into your life, so you can become more grounded, stable and balanced in your body, and develop more restful states of mind. Suitable for beginners.

The importance of slowing down in our fast paced society is essential in order to make clear, grounded decisions. Vishrant Tai Chi and its very slow moves will help bring you such clarity and peace.

How did Vishrant Tai Chi come about?

The katas, sequences and tempo have been put together by Sri Prem Vishrant.

Prem Vishrant is an awakened spiritual teacher who has been teaching students pathways to higher consciousness for the past 18 years. Through his own discipline and practices of meditation, self-enquiry, yoga and “doing the work” on self to remove internal obstacles, he lives in a state of profound contentment and stillness.

In the years of learning to be restful Vishrant mastered his own mind and many have benefited from his teachings with their own direct experiences of deep rest, silence and stillness.

Vishrant Tai Chi was formulated from his understandings of what brings relaxation to the mind and body.


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