Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement at Restful Waters

Somatic Movement is a practice that brings your awareness into your body. With this deeper sense of body awareness you can learn to release chronically contracted muscles that are causing pain and dysfunction.

Our bodies remember every experience we’ve ever had. How we move and position our bodies in each moment determines how our body will be shaped in the next.

Our modern lifestyles often have us sitting in bent postures for long periods of time or performing repetitive movements. This is particularly prevalent in office environments, for mothers constantly picking up and carrying children and in physically demanding roles that involve repetitious movement patterns.

Over time our bodies can start to become habituated into those postures or sustain damage from the demand of continuously contracting. We can start to experience pain and dysfunction, and this drastically impacts the quality of our lives.

Restful Waters offers Somatic Movement classes as they support us in becoming more conscious of our bodies, bringing us into the present moment and allowing us to take greater care of our physicality.


Somatic Movement Classes

What Happens in a Class?

In a Somatic Movement class, particular areas of the body are targeted with gentle micro-movements. During these movements, emphasis is placed on becoming aware of how the entire body is involved in movements that seem to be isolated to just one area of the body.

It’s in learning this proprioception (awareness of the position and movement of the body) we can start to adjust our bodies as we go about our day so that they are moving in a way that is balanced and protected against strain.

This class is about bringing your awareness into your body so you can move more consciously and experience greater levels of wellbeing.

Attending Classes & Courses

To attend weekly Somatic Movement classes at RW there is a requirement that you first complete the four-week introductory course. The four-week course will introduce you to the principles of Somatic Movement and the fundamental movements.

During the weekly classes a very safe & relaxing environment is created and you are encouraged to close your eyes and experiment with the movements: moving into them in a way that feels comfortable for you.

In order to be able to participate in this free-form and relaxed way, the basic movements of Somatic movement must first be learnt: this is why the introductory class is a prerequisite for the weekly classes.


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