Satsang Meeting Schedule


Currently we have cancelled ‘Meetings In Truth with Vishrant’ hosted on Friday evenings at Restful Waters until further notice.
This is to support greater public safety regarding coronavirus.

We would love for you to continue your practices of meditation and self-inquiry, so here are links to Vishrant’s website and YouTube channel,
giving you immediate access to teachings which support gaining higher consciousness.

We will update you once these meetings start happening again!


Vishrant is an Australian born spiritual teacher who has dedicated his life to raising consciousness in all who are interested. He teaches a Buddhist way of life which he calls ‘the way of the heart’.

Vishrant’s enquiry into the true nature of existence began as a teenager in the early 1970’s, leading him into spiritual practices and a life of service. Awakening occurred for Vishrant in 1999 and he has been in ongoing service to the community for 18 years

Meetings in Truth

A short 5-10 minute meditation to begin, prior to Meetings in Truth starting. Simply relax the body and watch the breath.

Typically a discourse or teaching will be given by Vishrant on a variety of topics related to developing conscious awareness.  Followed by questions and answers.

As mentioned the topics covered will widely range and many people take the opportunity to look a little deeper at the challenges they are encountering in life and the  obstacles standing in the way to live a full, happy and conscious life.

Attendance details

Allow yourself to arrive at least 10-15 mins earlier to settle into a meditative space.

  • You’ll be greeted at the door and seating or cushions are provided for your comfort.
  • Shoes are removed at the door so please bring along socks with you to wear inside.
  • We ask that if you have any flu symptoms to please bring along a towel in order to help with containing symptoms by coughing into the towel.
  • If there are dates in which public Satsang will not be held, this website will be updated with a notice naming those dates.

Public Meeting Times:

MEETINGS NOW ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Normally Vishrant holds Satsang weekly on Friday evenings from 7:50pm – 9:00pm



Attendance is by donation.  Suggested donation is $20.


Contact us

All queries or questions are welcomed, please call 0438 831 883 if you require anything further. Alternatively, you can email us at info@restfulwaters.org 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is openness?

Openness is the opposite to closure or resistance. When there is no internal resistance there is just openness. Openness can’t be measured in positive terms because it is actually an absence of closure. In true openness, there is the experience of being nobody a nothingness. This is a very beautiful experience.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment contrary to popular belief is not something that happens to you, it occurs when there is an absence of you. When this that is aware of the mind (pure awareness) becomes aware of itself, in other words, beingness. The experience of this for the mind can be one of an oceanic feeling, non duality everything being one or an absence of anything at all . Emptiness in form, emptiness being in non form. If this beingness being aware of itself lasts for a short time it is called satori, if it is ongoing it is called awakening. Enlightenment can only truly be in this moment for this is the only moment that is real. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is being present to what is real, the only thing that is not real is your mind, its thoughts, its emotions, its dreams. So by having awareness aware of anything other than the mind, you are in meditation. 

How to meditate?

Being present to what is real needs to be established, what is real is anything but your thoughts. Your thoughts are not real they are dream. Meditation is putting awareness on that, that is real. Your breath is real. Allow your awareness to focus on your breath, watch the inhale, the gap or space before the turn of the breath, the exhale of breath, the gap before the inward turn of breath. Simply let your thoughts go as they arise and keep brining your awareness to your breath. Keeping your eyes open and at a 45 degree angle (looking down). This meditation removes distractions which tend to take people into dream, such as eyes closed visual or audio guided meditation. Instead the intention is to slow down, be still and silent. Developing a mind that is detached from developing delusions and supporting aversion in order to become are of the silence and stillness that everything appears in. 

What is dream?

All thought is dream, you may think these thoughts are real but in reality they are all dream, so in giving away thoughts for something that is real like the breath we are learning to surrender the dream for reality. In putting our awareness on what is real we are learning to truly live in the moment aware of what is real instead of what is dream and out of the moment. Mindfulness is the best way to regain reality from the dream you find yourself in. By mindfulness i mean being aware of what you are doing instead of being aware of what you are thinking. In other words being present to what is real instead of what is not real. In this way we can develop present moment awareness. Living in the now instead of in a mind dream. 

What is present moment awareness?

Being here now but not in your mind, being in reality. It is being mindful of what is real, the only thing that is not real is the mind and its stories. 

What is going beyond the mind?

The mind appears in beingness as everything does. When awareness becomes aware of itself (beingness) this is going beyond the mind, this is knowing self as reality. 

What is the benefit in attending satsang?

Satsang reveals your true nature through the presence of an awakened teacher.  Satsang also helps remove the illusions created by the mind. The qualities perceived after attending Satsang sessions are increased clarity and an effortless openness in which the mind can rest. 

What do I need to do in Satsang?

Satsang is a meeting, which is generally question and answer between seeker and teacher. In this exchange, a transmission is possible from teacher to seeker.

Being honest and having internal integrity is vital during the exchanges within the group.  The opportunity to see through the mind resides in your ability to have the courage to ask questions as the teacher reveals the obstacles that are in the way of enlightenment.

How do I best participate in Satsang?

Be present to the teacher and relax.

How do I know if I am advancing spiritually?

A good indicator is to see how open you are in life especially when things are becoming difficult, advancing is effortless equanimity whilst under pressure. 

Do I need to attend all Satsang meetings to be involved in social engagements?

Social engagements are available to anyone who wishes to attend, though respect of the Sangha is required.

How do I get Vishrant's attention to ask him questions?

During the meetings Vishrant will invite questions or reports from seekers. Simply Namaste with your hands and you’ll be attended to.