Pilates at Restful Waters

At Restful Waters we offer Mat Pilates classes that have been designed to offer you a space to connect deeply within yourself whilst also adding in the strength, balance, and conditioning aspects of Pilates. Our Pilates classes have been tailored to assist you in re-connecting with your inner world. Through the slow and deliberate movement of Pilates we can bring ourselves into the present moment through our bodies and take rest from the business of our minds.

We can develop awareness in the same way we develop our physical Pilates practice, through the 6 principles of Pilates: Breath, Focus, Centring, Control, Precision and Flow.

Pilates places a strong emphasis on rhythmic breathing paired with movements. This provides the perfect opportunity to be with the breath, and in that experience deep restfulness and serenity.

Come along to one of our gentle and meditative Pilates classes to help you find that spacious place within yourself whilst also keeping the body healthy and nourished.


Pilates Classes

‘Relax and Restore’ Pilates

We welcome you to join us on Tuesday evenings for a gentle, relaxing and restorative class designed to create a sense of calm, inner peace and focus by using movement, stretches and exercises to align your posture and calm the nervous system through breath, concentration, centering, and connecting into the body. This is suitable for all levels.

Pilates Classes and Courses

Restful Waters offers a weekly Pilates class and regular courses. Check out our ‘Events & Courses’ page to see upcoming four-week Pilates courses. The courses are mostly crafted for beginners, as an introduction to the fundamental movements of Pilates. If you haven’t done Pilates before and would like to start in a supportive and nourishing environment, a course is a great place to learn.


Book a Class or Course

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