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Find Peace Within

Our centre offers a place to learn how to be open, heal the wounds of the heart and develop skillful means to live a bright and deeply contented life.

Prem Vishrant


Vishrant is an awakened teacher who for the past 18 years has been serving the public interested in freedom and enlightenment.

Previously a successful businessman, naturopath and psychotherapist he brings a genuine, down to earth and practical approach to embodying spirituality, which he prefers to call ‘reality’. Vishrant remains dedicated to truth and helping people alleviate suffering daily.

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Through meditation, we can develop and experience various states of conscious awareness. We can become more observant of the mind through developing ‘the silent witness’, a part of our mind that simply observes itself.

Practice is the key to meditation, it allows us to be more discerning of the mind and everything around us.

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Our yoga is Vishrant Yoga, this is restful yoga. The name Vishrant literally means ‘to be restful’ and this is the goal. Our trained teachers provide the perfect environment for this restfulness to be found. Passive postures are held for longer periods so you can become connected to a deeper sense of relaxation through your own body. Experience stillness and restfulness with Vishrant Yoga.

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Our counselling services offer guidance for people who wish to work through relationship issues and develop better communication.

Our counsellors are well-trained professionals who are available to support your needs.

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Tai Chi

When practicing Tai Chi, you can expect to find your mind slowing down significantly, often leading to states of silence and increased mental clarity. Vishrant Tai Chi has been specifically formulated to facilitate this aspect. Moving away from being a form of defence training, it is slower paced than other forms of Tai Chi.

The flowing movements calm one’s mind and body and are designed to generate qi, or life energy, leaving the practitioner feeling vitalised and grounded in the body.

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