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Restful Waters is a sanctuary created by The Vishrant Buddhist Society, a not for profit organisation offering community services that encourage and inspire people to live a happy way of life. All are welcome, regardless of beliefs or ideologies. The centre is situated on a 10-acre property located in the Darling Ranges foothills of Perth, 45 mins from Perth city centre and 5 minutes from Armadale town centre. Nestled amongst an avocado orchard and tranquil water setting, Restful Waters is an ideal environment to deepen practices of meditation and yoga and to enquire within through Satsang and counselling.

The centre is dedicated to helping people discover restfulness, clarity and openness. The Vishrant Buddhist Society was founded by Prem Vishrant, an enlightened spiritual teacher who has been in service to the community since 1999. Restful Waters is named after Vishrant, as his name in Sanskrit means ‘Restful’. His full name carries the meaning ‘, Restful Love’.

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As we experience the hardships and challenges of life, sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees and it’s good to have reminders and supportive people in our lives. In Buddhism we refer to this community as Sangha and its considered one of the triple gems, a place to find refuge.

Our Restful Waters sanctuary is supported by a Buddhist sangha; a group people who practice daily, living the way of the heart. They are dedicated to living consciously through practicing meditation, demonstrating maturity, love, care and respect for themselves and others.

These actions nourish the well-being of all in the community, as there is greater potential for healing and growth as we learn to live as interdependent beings through reflections and insights. Having people around you who actively want to be involved in each other’s lives and who are prepared to be open and honest creates deep and lasting connections. The importance of this community is how it teaches us through social interactions how to trust, drop our defenses and let go of what no longer serves us mentally. We can experience the joy of being more authentic, accepting, aware and present.

Sangha members often engage in rich and diverse social activities to experience the openness and joy of being with others, as well as being supported in solo meditative and inquiry practices. We learn through community and relationships about ourselves, about life and about each other.

This community is invaluable to those on a spiritual path. Our lives are enriched when we are support by other like-minded people and our own path for healing, developing consciousness or journey to enlightenment may unfold.

We would love to see you at Restful Waters.

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