Our Meditations

Here are the meditation styles we
currently offer at Restful Waters


Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing awareness to the experience of what is real with a gentle, open and non-judgemental attitude. In the same way that we use physical exercise to condition and improve our own physical health, mindfulness meditation is a mental training in developing a more present and clear mind.

In the Beginners Mindfulness Meditation class you will be supported with short guided practices and techniques to assist you in developing a personal meditation practice.

You will find it to be of immeasurable benefit in your life, assisting you in finding and sharing happiness with those around you. We welcome you to come and join us in practising mindfulness meditation.


Restful Waters’ Sound Healing Meditation classes have been crafted to nourish your body and guide you into a place of rest within yourself. The frequencies and vibrations created by the blend of Sound Bowls, Chimes and Gongs relax the nervous system and foster present moment awareness.

The sounds themselves help to produce changes in the bodies autonomic, immune and hormonal systems; this has been demonstrated in many studies over the last few decades.

In directing your awareness towards the sounds and sensations being created freshly in each moment, you feel your body tensions melt away, your thinking mind slows down and a quieter experience can often emerge, allowing the body to rest.

Join us for an immersive and deeply self-caring Sound Healing meditation.

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