Our Meditations

Here are the meditation styles we
currently offer at Restful Waters


Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing awareness to the experience of what is real with a gentle, open and non-judgemental attitude. In the same way that we use physical exercise to condition and improve our own physical health, mindfulness meditation is a mental training in developing a more present and clear mind.

In the Beginners Mindfulness Meditation class you will be supported with short guided practices and techniques to assist you in developing a personal meditation practice.

You will find it to be of immeasurable benefit in your life, assisting you in finding and sharing happiness with those around you. We welcome you to come and join us in practising mindfulness meditation.


Humming meditation helps you to centre and ground awareness in the body, using rhythmic sound and gentle hand movements.

The humming sounds resonate throughout the body have a soothing, calming effect on the mind and nervous system. It is particularly good for inducing relaxation, for releasing stress, and for bringing us to a balanced state of wellbeing.

The main humming technique we practice at Restful Waters is Nadabrahma meditation, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice. Humming meditation is a practice that assists you in finding deep states of restfulness. We will gently guide you through the 3 stages of this practice:

Stage 1: Humming

For the first 30 minutes, relax into your favourite sitting position and hum to the gentle music. Hum loud enough for those around you to hear you and allow the hum to resonate through your whole body. You can also move your body smoothly and slowly if that is your feeling. As the mind starts to quieten, you may feel your sense of self starting to disappear, continue until there is no hummer, just humming happening. This is a beautiful state of being non-identified, simply just being.

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Stage 2: Circle Hands

There are two seven and a half minute sections to this stage, which energetically connects us to giving and receiving openly. This practice allows us to feel balanced and connected, offering us the potential for eliminating a sense of separation.

1. Putting your palms up, move them in large outward circles from your navel out to the world. This motion is so slow that from an outside perspective you look as though there may even be no movement at all. Our intention here is to be in a state of giving to the world.

2. Turn your palms down at the turn of the music and reverse the motion with your hands in a mirroring motion of each other. As with the first stage, you can move smoothly and slowly if you feel to. Our intention here is to be in a state of receiving from the world.

Stage 3: Rest in Stillness

In this stage, for 15 minutes we are simply sitting or lying in stillness. This is an invitation to gently notice the effects this meditation is having on your mind and body, allow yourself to be with your experience fully and rest deeply.

You will find practicing in a group strengthens your intention to develop a meditation practice. Group humming meditation creates a heightened energy and momentum, helping you achieve deeper states of stillness and clarity.

Come and join us for Humming Meditation at Restful Waters.

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