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Tai Chi Instructor

Tosh is a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. Realising the benefits of being in touch with inner stillness and silence, he loves to share his passion for meditation with others. He is devoted to living a life of service.

Tosh is a mathematics and physics teacher who has found mindfulness to be an invaluable part of his life. He has completed the Mindfulness Training course at Restful Waters and is currently training to become a mindfulness teacher for school children.

Meditation Teachers

Tai Chi Trainer


Tai Chi Instructor

Maitreya is a practiced meditator and loves the silence and stillness he finds in his practice. He is a qualified Tai Chi instructor and uses Tai Chi to bring his meditation into the world in an active form.

Maitreya is passionate about helping other people find the same calm, relaxed, peaceful space he finds through his practice and enjoys teaching Tai Chi as part of this selfless service.


Tai Chi Instructor

Shiva has a passion for the service of others, he works as an Auslan ( Deaf ) interpreter. Here at Restful Waters Shiva aims to share with others the silence and clarity that he has grown passionate for during his time through co-facilitating Sound Baths and teaching Vishrant Tai Chi.

Shiva has long had a love for percussion instruments and the various instruments used to create different sounds and experiences in the Sound Baths.

He is a supporter and practitioner of mindfulness and meditation.

Tai Chi Trainer
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