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Mindfulness Trainer & Group Facilitator

Brooke-Dakini Williams has been a practitioner of meditation and mindfulness for the past 24 years. She has been a Buddhist student of Shree Prem Vishrant for the past 10 years. In her dedication, Brooke-Dakini became a founding director of The Vishrant Buddhist Society, a non-profit charity dedicated to supporting higher consciousness and the wellbeing of the community.

Brooke-Dakini is passionate about mindfulness and received formal mindfulness training to teach both school students and adult groups. She leads the Restful Waters Mindful Schools program and team who provide life-changing mindfulness skills to school communities. As a counsellor Brooke-Dakini incorporates mindfulness and self-enquiry into her successful counselling practice. She is committed to supporting people in developing the life skills mindfulness offers. Brooke-Dakini brings a caring presence and a bright aliveness to her Mindfulness training.

Meditation Teachers

Meditation Teachers


Meditation Facilitator & Kirtan

Isha Graham has been practising meditation for over 10 years and loves to share her time with people. Bestowed with the title of Reverend of the Vishrant Buddhist Society for 10 years of service, she spends a part of every day devoted to spiritual practice. Her warm and caring nature make her a loved member of her community. As well as having been a registered nurse for the last 25 years, Isha also currently runs a small gardening business.

As well as looking after her family and dedicating herself to her practises, Isha loves bushwalking, leading Kirtan, gardening and takes beautiful photographs of people and nature. Isha is very passionate about helping people, supporting her community and nurturing a way of life that supports the way of the Heart for herself and others.


Meditation Facilitator

Tosh is a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. Realising the benefits of being in touch with inner stillness and silence, he loves to share his passion for meditation with others. He is devoted to living a life of service.

Tosh is a mathematics and physics teacher who has found mindfulness to be an invaluable part of his life. He has completed Mindfulness Teacher Training at Restful Waters and is a project leader and facilitator for the Restful Waters Mindful Schools program.

Meditation Teachers


Meditation Facilitator & Sound Healing

Vishala is a skilled and joyful group mediation and sound healing practitioner at Restful Waters, while also being an independent administration contractor and a certified horticulturist.

She has received professional and formal training to teach secular mindfulness to school students and is an active Mindful Schools mindfulness facilitator.

Upon meeting Vishala, you will immediately notice her love of people by her warm and welcoming presence, while her heart overflows with love for family and children. She is passionate about assisting people on their journey to deep forms of self-discovery.

She has a natural enthusiasm for teaching people how to embody and live a life of happiness through practicing mindfulness & meditation to bring about an equanimous mind.

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