Yoga Classes

What is Vishrant Yoga?

Yoga is a body mind therapy, it means that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning; in other words, our minds create our reality.

Vishrant Yoga and Vishrant Flow Yoga classes are 60 minutes long and are based on various themes which each have a set of posture sequences designed with one goal in mind… restfulness.

All classes work with the student’s awareness, which is drawn into receptivity, so we are working from the inside out. The aim of this yoga is to open fully through all the layers of the emotional and physical body.

Class themes may include;

  • Heart opening
  • Hip opening
  • Self-acceptance and openness
  • Self-nourishing with softness and gentleness
  • Surrender and let go
  • Body awareness
  • Silence and stillness

During the practice, the instructor will assist students in directing their awareness into a witnessing mode. This opens and allows the student to receive the experience of what is appearing rather than making it happen.

We guide, using soft and slow transitions, supportive props, meditation and breath work, all designed to bring you to a state of deep restfulness inside yourself.

Vishrant Yoga Classes Perth

How did Vishrant Yoga come about?

Prem Vishrant is an awakened spiritual teacher who has been teaching students pathways to higher consciousness for the past 18 years. Through his own discipline and practices of meditation, self-enquiry, yoga and “doing the work” on self to remove internal obstacles, he lives in a state of profound contentment and stillness.

In the years of learning to be restful Vishrant mastered his own mind and many have benefited from his teachings with their own direct experiences of deep rest, silence and stillness.

Vishrant yoga was formulated from his understandings of what brings relaxation to the body and mind. It is still in the process of development as different teachers discover greater depths within it.

Restfulness is nothing moving inside whatsoever - the mind is in a state of rest while still being awake and alert. This is achieved through the practice of meditation and yoga. Also, in the disciplining of the mind to be quiet. ~ Satsang teaching excerpt, Prem Vishrant

About the classes

Vishrant Yin Yoga Classes

Vishrant Yin Yoga is a restorative and meditative yoga practice designed to return us home to ourselves, to live in balance and equanimity.

The name ‘Vishrant’ is a Sanskrit word and when directly translated into English it means, restful. In today’s fast paced society it’s so important to take a break, to slow down and start to develop a more peaceful way of being in the world. This is the goal of Vishrant Yin Yoga.

In the practice, restful postures are held for longer periods to allow the body’s ability to open naturally and release resistance slowly and gently bring about a restoring balance. Vishrant Yin Yoga is a passive form of yoga and can support healing and rejuvenation.

Vishrant Gentle Flow Yoga Classes

A slow paced flowing yoga class focusing on the breath and gentle targeted movements to support relaxation of the whole body and mind.

Vishrant Flow Yoga is a blend of Qi Gong and Yoga that helps to create strength in the body and clarity of mind. By directing awareness to the body as you slowly move through the sequences you are left feeling more grounded and connected. It’s a perfect way to start the day!

Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that focuses on the mastery of the body as a preparation to reach a state of union and harmony.

The Sankrit word “hatha” means “force”. This alludes to a system of physical techniques, or asanas, that lies the core of Hatha yoga. It emphasises the importance of the body in preparing us for higher consciousness.

“Ha’ means sun, “ta” means moon. “Hatha” means the yoga to bring balance between the sun and moon energies in us. This is a calling to a perfect balance between the body and consciousness that Hatha yoga can help provide.

At Restful Waters, we recognise that our body and our mind are interconnected. When we are stressed, our body gestures reveal such a state. When we are relaxed, the tension in our body subsides. For every different mental and emotional situation that we go through, our body naturally tends to take certain postures. Our Hatha yoga classes are designed to support a pathway to establish an inner balance and alignment of the body and mind.


Benefits of Yoga Classes at Restful Waters

Today’s society is so full of stresses that it is nice to be able to take a break and start to develop a more peaceful way of being in the world.
Restful Waters Yoga teachers are here to assist people in this pursuit.

As you practice this style of yoga, you begin to slow down and there are many benefits that become evident in this slowing down, including:

  • Physical and emotional pain relief
  • Cultivation of mindfulness and alertness
  • Availability to listen to your body, recognise the signals and hear the feedback it is constantly offering
  • Being grounded in your body and connecting with your breath
  • Relaxing parasympathetic nervous system and de-stressing 
  • Releasing energetic, mental, physical and emotional blockages
  • Experiencing greater clarity
  • Creating space and openness in your body
  • Creating hydration in your body tissues and detoxifying
  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Developing an ability to let go and experience stillness and silence

Mindfulness from this yoga practice allows an opening to more layers of subtle awareness and teaches you how to be with your experiences.

These are some of the possibilities:

  • Noticing the difference between suffering and what is just pain without resistance
  • Being able to accept what is
  • Noticing tensions and having the space to let go
  • Coming from places of self-care and not pushing yourself
  • An opening of the heart centre
  • Improving your relationship with difficult sensations

As the practice of Vishrant Yoga deepens, it is possible for the mind and body to come into restful states of deep relaxed stillness and meditation.


Yoga classes