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Yoga at Restful Waters

Yoga is a body-mind therapy, which means that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning; in other words, our minds create our reality.

All of our Yoga offerings work with awareness: consciously directing it to the body, the breath and the subtle inner world so you can explore the experience of being you and learn to gently and consciously release the tension that gets trapped in the body. As we direct our awareness to what is happening in each moment (the breath, bodily sensations) we can begin to witness the nature of our minds and how that impacts the level of contentment we experience.

Our Yoga classes are designed with two goals in mind: restfulness and self-awareness. In the restfulness of our classes, there is the opportunity to contact the silent self within us.

Practicing Yoga at Restful Waters can lend many benefits, including:

  • Physical and emotional pain relief
  • The cultivation of mindfulness and alertness
  • Being grounded in the body and connecting with the breath
  • Releasing energetic, mental, physical and emotional blockages
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Creating hydration in your body tissues and detoxifying
  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Developing an ability to let go and experience stillness and silence

It is our wish to see you at Restful Waters so that you can experience the let-go and spaciousness that our classes have to offer.


About the Yoga Classes


Vishrant Yin

Vishrant Yoga is a restorative and meditative yoga practice designed to return you to your body and promote balance and equanimity in your life. In this practice, restful postures are held for longer periods to facilitate the body in opening. This slowly releases muscle resistance and gently brings about balance. Vishrant Yoga is a nourishing form of yoga that supports healing and rejuvenation.

In this class, you will learn how to use yoga props to support you. Postures may be modified to support those with injuries or reduced mobility. This class is suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility and there is a strong focus on building awareness of your body’s needs.


Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow Yoga classes consist of a sequence of poses bridged together by slow movement to stretch and strengthen the body; it can feel like you flow through the entire class. The movements of Gentle Flow are less vigorous and intense than Vinyasa Flow. The breath is harmonized with the movements so that body and breath can come into union. Restore your physical and mental balance with a Gentle Flow class. Suitable for beginners.



Restorative Yoga is about nourishment, comfort and releasing musculoskeletal tension. This class incorporates props like bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to make you completely comfortable. Similar to Yin, asanas (poses) are held for long periods in Restorative Yoga. It is different from Yin in that you are encouraged to hold poses without experiencing discomfort. As asanas are held, breath awareness is encouraged to help you get in touch with inner stillness. The practice is about nurturing and taking care of yourself. Suitable for beginners.



“Ha” means sun, “ta” means moon. “Hatha” means the yoga to bring balance between the sun and the moon energies in us; it is a calling to a perfect balance between body and consciousness. Hatha Yoga classes are a blend of short-hold static poses, breathing techniques like pranayama and meditative practices. There is often an emphasis on posture and controlled breathing. Hatha is very nourishing and the poses are created to challenge strength and flexibility. Suitable for beginners.


Functional Flow

Our Functional Flow classes give you the flexibility and mindfulness training of Yoga whilst also training functional movement. Functional movements are those which strengthen and condition the muscles that are vital for everyday activities like pulling, pushing, squatting and bending over. In functional flow, emphasis is placed on the alignment of movements and directing awareness to the muscles in use to hold a pose. A Functional Flow will have you feeling balanced and energised in a grounded way.


The Philosophy of Vishrant Yoga

The name “Vishrant” is a Sanskrit word and when directly translated into English it means “Restful”. In today’s fast-paced society it’s so important to take a break, to slow down and start to develop a more peaceful way of being in the world.

Vishrant Yoga has been consciously created to facilitate restfulness, with the intention of opening your body and mind. In this state of openness, there is the possibility of contacting the vast spaciousness within yourself.

Restfulness is nothing moving inside whatsoever - the mind is in a state of rest while still being awake and alert. This is achieved through the practice of meditation and yoga. Also, in the disciplining of the mind to be quiet.

~ Satsang teaching excerpt, Prem Vishrant

All classes work with awareness, which is drawn into receptivity, it’s about working from the inside out. This yoga aims to open you fully through all the layers; it is not a set of sequences focused on strengthening or holding body alignment through mental focus.


How Did Vishrant Yin Yoga Come About

Prem Vishrant is an awakened spiritual teacher who has been teaching students pathways to higher consciousness since 1999. Through his own discipline and practices of meditation, self-enquiry, yoga and “doing the work” on the self to remove internal obstacles, he discovered how to live in a permanent state of profound contentment.

In his years of learning to be restful, Vishrant mastered his mind and many have benefited from his teachings with their own direct experiences of silence and stillness.

Vishrant Yin Yoga was formulated from his understandings of what brings relaxation to the body and mind. It is a Yoga offering based on Yin principles but which also draws upon a lifetime of spiritual practice and inner knowing.


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