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Satsang mystery school is available to those who wish to seek out not only the truth about who they truly are, but who are open to doing the work required to prepare oneself for enlightenment or higher states of consciousness.

A seeker appreciates the depth of investigation and the totality of practice that is required to support higher states of consciousness. Many seekers may have experienced satori, this glimpse of reality is an invitation to seek more. Being open and fresh to the present moment is what supports attendance in Mystery School with Vishrant. In this receptivity, the work can be done.

Many world teachers use books and public discourses to disseminate their teachings towards higher consciousness and freedom, but it is at mystery schools that these teachings are investigated with the depth required for self-transformation to occur.

The Mystery School provides guidance and teaching for your practices in a real-time live environment. A seekers pathway to higher consciousness is also supported by a community of fellow like-minded individuals, called the Sangha. The Mystery School has been operating since 2006 and is called The Mystic Heart Mystery School.

All queries or questions are welcomed, please contact 0438 831 883 if you would like more information.

Mystery School Perth
The Mystery School provides guidance and teaching for your practices in a real time live environment.

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