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Restful Waters Counselling Services is a provider of professional counselling to the Western Australian community. Our qualified and experienced counsellors are available for individual and couples sessions. We can assist in finding solutions to any issues you are facing in your life or in your relationships.

Our private counselling rooms are located in a relaxing environment in the rolling hills of Bedfordale and all consultations are confidential.

Contact us to make an appointment or if you would like further information about our counselling service.

Online & Phone Counselling

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Now Available

Feeling the need for more support and connection to help
you in times of distress and uncertainty? Talk to us!

Be Connected. Stay Connected. Feel Connected.

You can now video chat with us from anywhere! It’s easy, safe and secure with Zoom!

We understand that in times of swift change and uncertainty, many of us will feel stressed, anxious and isolated. The Restful Waters Counselling Team is here to help, to listen, to support and provide a dedicated space for you to explore in the safest ways possible.

Zoom video calling for counselling sessions is a very effective way for counsellors to assist you with concerning issues and discomfort. Our sessions are private and confidential.

Online counselling is an increasingly popular approach to counselling. Research has shown remarkable advantages of “online therapy”, including:

  • Conveniences: You can talk with our counsellors in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you like. There is also more flexibility in session time.
  • Enhanced self-reflection: in your familiar surroundings, you can address your core issues more quickly and express your concerns more freely. There is also greater possibility for you to enter deep self-reflection, find insights and effective resolutions.

We appreciate that as more things change in our outer world, the more we want to have a sense of control and safety. Restful Waters Counselling Services offers professional and supportive therapy practices to assist you in regaining connection and exploring approaches to deal with challenging life experiences.

Our counsellors have extended the hours of operation and their availability for your convenience.
Individual, Couples & Family sessions are available online Monday – Saturday.

  • Monday – Tuesday: 1 pm to 6 pm
  • Wednesday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm

Let yourself unwind with us and find yourself feeling better equipped, clear and connected.

10% off Individual and Couples Counselling Session Package (5 sessions)

A Supportive Environment

Our counselling approach focuses on supporting clients to find happiness through gaining awareness of the way that their minds work. We also facilitate discussions to develop clarity relating to our mental, emotional and sometimes physical well-being.

Clients have found counselling has assisted them to resolve their relationship issues through improved communication and mediation. They have also found counselling allows them to live more mindfully, develop a healthier experience of self-worth and have a greater ability to manage life’s stresses.

Skill Experience & Care

Restful Waters’ counsellors are professionally qualified and have each undertaken a minimum of 7 years of training. As a result they are able to support clients to work through challenging issues with deep empathy and respect. They have taken many years to understand themselves before moving into the role of helping others.

Our focus remains on the client’s objectives, facilitating the development of the therapeutic relationship along with achievable objectives, confidentiality and trust.

Effective Methods

At Restful Waters, we assist people to question negative notions and ideas of themselves. Talking with someone who is impartial yet supportive provides the advantage of seeing situations from a broader perspective.  This gives rise to greater choice in how we want to respond.

Some of the many skills that Restful Waters’ counsellors draw upon in supporting their clients include person centred therapy, gestalt therapy, acceptance therapy, cognitive and behavioural inquiry, mindfulness and awareness training.

What is Counselling?

In counselling, we address specific problems and our reactions such as stress, anger, fear, conflict, separation, loss and grief. We can assist you to develop a deeper understanding of the prevailing issues, develop clarity, a greater appreciation of oneself and more acceptance of others and the situation. In experiencing clear observation we gain a deeper perspective of issues and our reactions. Our clients indicate to us, counselling helps them to have a heightened sense of self-worth and resilience, improves communication skills and the ability to better deal with ongoing life issues.

Counselling Services


Individual Counselling

Counselling is a highly effective method of gaining insight and solutions to emotional and social issues as well as finding direction during times of loss and change. We all experience challenges in our lives from time to time and we may often deal with these ourselves or by talking to friends and family.  There are other times that we could do with some extra support.

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Couples Counselling

You and your partner can have a more beautiful life together when commitment, communication and cherishing are established between the two of you. Sometimes we need assistance to navigate and express ourselves in ways that support these elements. We all experience difficulty in relationship from time to time and can crave intimacy, connection and understanding.

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Family Counselling

Family conflict can be devastating. We can assist you to form a more cohesive family unit through facilitating communication and allowing each person the opportunity to have a good look at how things are actually working in order to resolve any issues. Families may come to counselling to look at their communication, behavioural issues in youth and adolescents, personal conflicts within the family, separation, divorce or blended family adjustments and career transitions.

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Contact Restful Waters. We are here to assist you with a range of issues that may be impacting your life and wellbeing. To arrange an appointment or enquire about our counselling services, contact us now on 0418 229 662 or email us on info@restfulwaters.org 

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Youth Counselling

We are here to help. At Restful Waters we have counsellors who have trained in working with young people on issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, academic pressure, family conflict, bullying and eating disorders. We value the lives of our youth and are committed to providing a friendly, non-threatening and safe space to help them explore their concerns freely and openly.

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Group Counselling

Group counselling is a powerful forum to assist people with difficulties that they are facing and to provide a supportive space for people to express themselves. A counsellor will facilitate the session and often each person has something to contribute if they wish. Group counselling is an ideal place to discuss what is going on in your life with the combined insight, clarity and empathy of many people who have a variety of life experiences.

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Contact Us

Contact Restful Waters. We are here to assist you with a range of issues that may be impacting your life and wellbeing. To arrange an appointment or enquire about our counselling services, contact us now on 0418 229 662 or email us on info@restfulwaters.org 

Common Issues and Challenges

Our Approach

Restful Waters’ counsellors are professional communicators and skilled investigators, who can assist you in uncovering the obstacles in the way of your happiness and provide supports for navigating life’s challenges or addressing specific issues.

Our counselling style is friendly and understanding. We listen compassionately and provide a safe and peaceful environment for you to express and explore your concerns. We are here to assist you in ways that help solve problems, find solutions and resolve your concerns.

Counselling Session Prices

Individual Counselling & Youth Counselling

$100 for 1 hour

$140 for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Couples Counselling & Family Counselling

$140 for 1 hour

$180 for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Business Coaching & Mentoring

$140 for 1 hour

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0418 229 662

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64 Canns Rd, Bedfordale WA 6112

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Online video counselling via Zoom available now!

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