About Us

Welcome to Restful Waters
Consciousness & Wellness Centre

Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre is a sanctuary created to bring about openness, clarity and restfulness in people through Meditation and Mindfulness programs, Yoga, Tai Chi and Counselling Services.

Founded in 2012, Restful Waters is operated by the Vishrant Buddhist Society, a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting people in attaining higher consciousness. The Society was founded by Prem Vishrant, an enlightened spiritual teacher who has been sharing his wisdom since 1999.

The name Restful Waters was inspired by Prem Vishrant’s spiritual Sanskrit name, with “Vishrant” meaning “Restful” and “Prem” meaning “Love”. As restfulness is key to bringing balance to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, all our services aim at restoring this balance, allowing conscious awareness to develop and true wellbeing to arise.

Nestled amongst an avocado orchard and tranquil water setting on 10-acres in the serene foothills of the Darling Ranges, 45 minutes from Perth, Restful Waters offers a safe environment for the community to meet in kindness, care and mutual respect. With openness, we can connect with our own hearts and truly have a sense of belonging. This is the foundation on which we can build a healthy and happy life.

Restful Waters – A Sanctuary for Wellbeing and Consciousness

Our vision is a more consciously aware community

Our Vision

To support a more consciously aware community of people who are happier and healthier, living balanced, connected and fulfilled lives.

Our mission is to inspire deeper awareness and inner clarity

Our Mission

To inspire deeper awareness and inner clarity through meditation and mindfulness, yoga and counselling services, guided by secular Buddhist principles in a sanctuary where people can discover the practices to enhance wellbeing, relationships and learn the art of being restful within.


The Art of Restful Living

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety are all around us. Being hard working, ambitious and important have become synonymous with success. As a result, most of us are out of balance, living top-heavy in our thinking mind and suffering distress physically, mentally and emotionally.

We seem to forget about the “being” part of us while getting carried away with doing. The art of being, in essence, is the art of living restfully from a place of inner stillness while still functioning effectively in the world.

When we master the art of being, we will be able to connect with our inner space, from which we can see clearly, live in alignment with our values, heal our heart wounds and restore inner balance.

Restful living heightens our awareness, brings about clarity and allows us to lead an engaged, connected and liberated life.

Restful Waters is a centre guided by a Buddhist way of life

Buddhist Foundations

Restful Waters is a centre guided by a Buddhist way of life. It is a way in which people lead a vibrant and effective life from a calm and peaceful place within. This way of living is of even more importance in our fast-paced modern world, where more and more people feel disconnected from their own hearts; where pain, pressure, stress and high levels of reactivity have become daily symptoms.

The Buddhist teachings offer us pragmatic skills and practices to enjoy a fulfilled and happy life. According to the teachings, even though pain is an inevitable part of life, we all have the freedom to choose to be open. When we consciously choose to be open, we choose to serve the heart rather than fear. With practices like mindfulness and meditation, we can become more grounded in present moment awareness, develop insight and loving kindness. From this present moment awareness we can welcome all experiences of life, develop a deeper sense of connection to ourselves, others and the world.

Feel connected and share love with a community of the heart at Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre

Community of the Heart

The heart is strong yet vulnerable. When we are open, we allow the connection with our hearts to occur. This is the place where we can truly meet with ourselves, and let other people truly meet with us.

Indeed, when we are genuinely seen and heard, we often allow our vulnerability to be revealed. A community of the heart is where people meet one another in vulnerability, openness and interconnectedness. From this space we can deeply rest, heal our wounding and share lovingness.

Community needs informs all the work we do at Restful Waters. Not only is this a place that provides you with programs to help enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, it is also an open and gentle invitation for you to start the inward investigation of your own nature in a safe environment where you feel listened to, cared for, and supported.

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