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Vishrant Yoga offers a restful and gentle restorative practice that alleviates stress and tension and centres the body and mind. Our Mindfulness programs combine Vishrant Yoga with Meditation classes, to create a holistic experience for all participants.

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Our Enlightenment Intensives are held five times a year and run as 4 or 7-day Silent Retreats. These Retreats are fully catered and are an amazing way to find inner stillness and relaxation.

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Restful Waters offer events and courses for those who would like to go deeper into their inner selves. Therapy groups and counselling is available on topics including relationships, communication, inner child work & the way of the heart. 

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The Introduction to Vishrant Yoga Course has been such a beautiful journey for me. It has released alot of pain, tension and emotion. I feel like I have more awareness of myself and feel calmer every day. Thank you Prema.

Tina, Bedfordale

I didn't realise how much the Introduction to Vishrant Yoga course would give me. I came with an open mind and have found more within myself than I ever realised. Prema was so beautiful and I would recommend this course to anyone new to yoga. I feel so totally peaceful.

Mal, Bedfordale

I have been coming to this beautiful place for 4 months. The teachings are brilliant, I have met some wonderful people, very honest and open, living the Dharma on a daily basis. I have been bringing work colleagues in the past few weeks, and they keep on coming back. My workplace ambience has tremendously improved since. Having said that, my own behaviour has tremendously improved too - cause and effect Thanks guys, great everything

Thierry Auffrait


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