Find inner stillness at Restful Waters

Find inner peace, stillness and wellness through higher consciousness

In life, very often and too easily, we get lost in ‘the doing’ and forget about being. Deep inside, we all have an inner knowing that keeps calling us back to a place of restfulness, peace and silence. Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre offers wellness classes, sessions, events and programs for individuals, families, communities and organisations who wish to thrive in life. We specialise in Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi & Counselling.

Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre is an ideal destination for those who seek to:

  • Calm the mind and return to the body awareness with our Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation classes
  • Embark on a journey of inquiry into your mind and emotions with our Counselling Services to gain better clarity and responsiveness
  • Deepen your awareness with the centre’s weekly Meetings in Truth with enlightened teacher Vishrant Prem

In this nourishing space and tranquil environment, Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre offers a unique opportunity to slow down, unwind, and delve within – enabling a deeper connection with our own sense of being and aliveness.

We have a pragmatic approach with a common focus underlying all Restful Waters services, that is to help people live more openly, effectively, with present moment awareness, and in a connected and meaningful way.

Deepen awareness and consciousness with Meetings in Truth

Our Awareness

Daily life demands our nonstop attention and effort. In coping, our thinking is constantly activated, and we get used to a busy mind. This creates a sense of uneasiness and imbalance which seems to have become a common experience of daily living.

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Understand how your mind works with our counselling services

Our Minds

Our minds can either be our friend or our enemy. Whenever we are stressed, our minds are simply working against us. It is only through an understanding of our own minds that we unlock our full potential, heal our wounding and develop truly meaningful relationships.

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Feel a sense of connection and belonging with the community

Our Hearts

Human connection is the ability to care, share and relate. It plays a vital part in making us happy. At Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre, we value community and bring this aspect into all our activities. We know that serving community is an ultimate expression of who we are and what we do.

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Unwind your mind and body with...



Yoga means union, a union of the body, mind and spirit. It is an ultimate tool to bring these three elements into absolute harmony with existence.

The focus and emphasis in our yoga classes help you to connect with the essence of who you are and bring about the balance within through mindful, gentle and professional facilitation.

With practice, everything within you flows beautifully; your mind and body will function effectively in a state of inner silence, relaxation and bliss.



Meditation is the art of shifting awareness from the mind to what is real. The closest to what is real, for most of us, is our body and breath. Anchoring awareness into your body and breath will enable you to stay in the present moment. With practice, you can discover the silence and stillness within and live a life filled with peace and joy.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Vishrant Tai Chi is a form of meditation in motion, designed to facilitate restfulness and mindfulness. The gentle, flowing movements of the practice take you away from the mind, allowing you to settle awareness into the body. As a result, you will find yourself more grounded, enjoying better inner balance, flexibility and mental clarity.

Get insights and healing with our counsellors at the Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre


Counselling is a safe space you give yourself to meet whatever might be causing tension and distress inside of you. It offers a place where you can truly be seen and heard, a time when you can unwind, go within and release any burdens that are weighing on your heart.

Our counsellors can help you inquire into the heart of the matter that is causing you concern, unveil internal patterns and uncover pathways to find insight, resolution, healing and meaningful connections.

Unwind and rest with our Events and Courses at the Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre

Events and Courses

Stress and anxiety are prevalent in our modern world. Keeping busy doing and achieving, we tend to neglect our mental, emotional and spiritual health which are the foundations of a happy life. Our regular events and courses are designed to provide you with a restful space in which you can nourish your inner world with restfulness, gentleness, and loving kindness.

Get clarity, effectiveness and wellbeing at your school or workplace with our Restful Waters Mindful Schools Program and Corporate Events

Mindful Schools and Corporate Events

We all know that a mental, emotional and physical balance plays a vital role in bringing success in both academic and business worlds. Yet mounting stress and anxiety seem inevitable in our school and corporate environments. The Restful Waters Mindful Schools Program and Corporate Events are designed to help people explore different aspects of mindfulness, creating conditions for greater clarity, effective learning, resilience and wellbeing.


What Our Clients Say

Beautiful tranquil surroundings. Very good teacher who went to great lengths to ensure everyone was comfortable and engaged - highly recommend!

Seamus M.

Everything about your space and the people is amazing. We've had yet another fantastic eye-opening relaxing experience. Thank you so much!


For the first time I was actually able to relax and meditate. Something that I usually struggle with as I am an anxious person. The teacher really helped me to achieve that.

Rebecca T.

I felt really at home, here at Restful Waters, in the warm presence of the teachers. A truly magical experience.

Joanna G.

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